New galvanized cow water trough in dairy cow barn

Cow Water Troughs

Help improve your cattle temperature control and cow milk production with adjustable, custom designed and installed cattle water troughs by Mid Valley Manufacturing.

New hoof trimming chute in a dairy cow barn

Hoof Trimming Chute

Happy, healthy dairy cows will improve milk production. Let Mid Valley custom design and install cattle trim chutes and hoof trimming equipment that are easy-use and comfortable for your cattle.

Galvanized dairy cow stalls with sand bedding

Dairy Barn Design

Let us help you maximize the efficiency and comfort of your dairy barn with custom designed and installed dairy cow stalls, calf stalls, and cow gates.

Galvanized cow stanchions by Mid Valley Mfg

Cow Stanchions

For better cow safety and control we offer custom metalwork for high flow cattle handling gates and dairy cow milking stanchions.