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Gates & Dairy Cow Stanchions for Sale

Design & Installation Services

Mid Valley Manufacturing in Abbotsford, BC, Canada manufactures dairy cattle handling equipment including dairy crowd gates and cow stanchions. These custom high lift gates and cow milking stanchions are designed to gently move dairy cattle without causing injury or undue commotion. Our goal is to minimize cow discomfort and allow maximum cow flow for your dairy barn, without you having to do any manual herding.

Features of our dairy crowd gates include:

  • Radio remote controlled
  • Closed clearance drop
  • Electric over hydraulic drive
  • Comes with 2 controllers

Mid Valley’s cattle gates are heavy duty and manufactured to be extremely versatile. They help to minimize the labour requirements of your milking system. Custom dairy crowd gates and cow stanchions are designed to rise and lower anywhere in the holding pen, while maintaining cow safety and control.

Custom Dairy Farm Equipment Manufacturing

Metal cattle crowd gates are important for the organization and control of your dairy barn. Mid Valley custom designs and manufactures all our cattle handling equipment including heavy duty gates and stanchions and dairy cow stalls to effectively organize the structure of your barn, and make the most effective use of the barn space available.

Custom dairy crowd gates feature:

  • 4 or 5 bar construction
  • 1.5 inch galvanized pipe
  • Available with man-passes
  • Latch and hinges included

Mid Valley cattle gates are available with man-passes to allow you to safely enter and exit a particular pen or dairy cow stall with ease. In addition to supplying and installing custom crowd gates and cow stanchions, we will work with you to find the most effective use of cattle barn layout and equipment.

This UW Milk Quality article entitled, Flat Barn Milking System is by the University of Wisconsin and discusses automation, plus crowd gates, cow stanchions, holding areas, and pens.

Dairy Cow Stanchions for Sale

Mid Valley’s custom gates and stanchions are perfect for immobilizing your cows during inspection, artificial insemination, or any other procedures. Now you can hold your cow in place without causing harm or too much discomfort. Features include:

  • 2 inch sch. 40 top and bottom rails
  • Double swing
  • 8 foot, 10 foot, or 12 foot sections
  • Can be custom fitted to your dairy barn

Our dairy cow stanchions can be custom altered to fit your dairy barn equipment and work well with your dairy crowd gates to help maximize the use of space available.

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For more detailed information about any of our cattle barn services including custom design and installation of heavy duty dairy crowd gates and cow stanchions, please call us toll-free at 1-888-854-4568 or send us an email.

Mid Valley Manufacturing in one of North America’s leading dairy farm equipment suppliers.