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Cattle Water Trough Design, Manufacturing & Installation

Mid Valley Manufacturing Inc. provides durable and flexible dairy cattle water trough options to ensure optimal watering.
Don’t rely on just any cow trough—instead, choose a Mid Valley cattle trough that is specifically designed for dairy farms.

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Dairy cattle drinking from a barn water trough

Miraco Cattle Water Troughs for Sale

Miraco has a long history of manufacturing reliable, one-piece, poly plastic livestock watering trough products. For dairy cattle watering, we carry Miraco cattle water troughs in 60, 90, and 110-gallon sizes (227, 340, 416 litres). They also come in 4′, 7′, and 10′ lengths (2, 2.5 and 3.7 metres approximately).

Miraco cattle water troughs for sale are designed to fit in the centre between the stalls or they can be installed on either end of single stalls. They feature stainless steel anchor bolts, a sloped bottom with drain for easy cleaning, and a curved front for easy cow access.

To ensure cleaner water, Mid Valley Manufacturing can also design and install a neck rail to prevent your dairy cattle from standing in the water.

Custom Dairy Cattle Water Trough Suppliers

Although it seems like a simple piece of the livestock watering system, your cattle water trough can make or break milk production. Dairy cow water intake needs to be at least 3 litres of water for every litre of milk they produce. Check out this web page on Water Needs & Quality Guidelines for Dairy Cattle.

Installed Galvanized cow water trough

Galvanized & Stainless Steel Water Troughs for Cattle

Mid Valley manufactures galvanized and stainless steel water trough products for dairy cattle with unique design features:

  • Durable steel manufacturing
  • Tip-proof cattle water trough design
  • Adjustable cow trough height
  • Gravity flow and high-pressure line

With these cow water trough design features, you can ensure optimal watering. Our deep-water cattle troughs allow cows to submerge their muzzles, preventing them from drinking air with their water.

Since milk contains 87% water, easy cow drinking is vital to improved milk production. Our galvanized and stainless steel cattle watering troughs also feature our innovative “tipping water trough” design that has two distinct benefits:

  • It allows farmers to tip the entire water trough, dumping out the water for easy cleaning.
  • Plus, when the water is tipped it can help to clean the manure alley.

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About Mid Valley Manufacturing  –
Dairy Farm Equipment Suppliers

Mid Valley Manufacturing is a company that considers many different factors when designing our dairy cow handling systems. That level of commitment extends to our cow water trough products.

For instance, dairy cows prefer to eat and then drink, so we build cattle water troughs for livestock that are easy to access and fit next to the cattle feeders. Details like this make all the difference when you need efficient cow troughs and feeding systems that will improve the dairy production of your farm.

Our company has been making reliable, custom designed dairy barn equipment and dairy cattle handling systems for nearly four decades. We make dairy farm equipment products for dairy farmers throughout Canada, the USA, and Europe.

With this vast experience, we’ve gained valuable industry knowledge. We believe that the more we know about your daily dairy farm operations, the better. This allows us to provide the right cattle handling equipment for your needs. If you need a custom designed cattle water trough, mineral boxes, or other dairy cow feeding equipment, we can help.

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