Arctic Blast Dairy Barn Sawdust Blower

New sawdust blower equipment for a dairy barn by Mid Valley Manufacturing.
A new red sawdust blower is attached to a skid steer loader.
A skid steer loader with a new sawdust blower attached.

Sawdust & Recycled Bedding – Cattle Blowers for Sale

Mid Valley Manufacturing’s Sawdust Blower for sale is designed to take the chore out of bedding and sawdust pack management. This industrial sawdust blower uses your tractors hydraulics to drive an auger, beater bar, and fan to either gently fill your stalls or toss across your bedding packs.

Our Mid Valley Sawdust Blower for dairy farms has been in production for over 40 years and comes in 2 models, skid steer mount or 3-point hitch.

  • Skid Steer Mount:
    • Hopper capacity of 2.5 yards
    • Fully hydraulic driven
    • 20 GPM of hydraulic flow needed
    • 7’ wide
  • 3-Point Hitch:
    • Hopper capacity of 2.5 yards or 3.5 yards.
    • Auger & Beater bar hydraulic Fan PTO driven
    • 20 GPM of hydraulic flow needed
    • 7’ wide

Increase Cow Comfort & Milk Production While Reducing Waste!

Mid Valley Manufacturing’s sawdust blower systems for cattle bedding are specifically engineered to create comfortable bedding faster for your dairy cows. Our industrial sawdust blowers will save you time and energy, and more importantly, save you money.

Sawdust makes excellent bedding for dairy cows and absorbs feces, urine, and mud. It is scientifically proven that the more comfortable a cow is, the more milk it will produce. The sawdust blower creates fresh sawdust bedding that allows dairy cattle to remain clean and healthy and to rest comfortably. During colder months, clean sawdust is also necessary for added insulation and warmth. This is particularly true for newborn calves.

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Benefits of Using A Sawdust Blower for Dairy Farm

One of the main benefits of using a sawdust blower in cow barns is that they help to keep the stalls clean and hygienic.
Sawdust absorbs moisture, which helps to keep the stalls dry and prevents the buildup of harmful bacteria and odours.
This is especially important for cows that are lactating, as wet or dirty bedding can increase the risk of mastitis,
a painful and potentially serious infection of the mammary gland.

In addition to providing a clean and comfortable place for cows to rest, a sawdust blower can also help to
reduce labor costs and improve efficiency. Manually spreading sawdust or other bedding materials in the stalls
can be time-consuming and labor-intensive, especially in large barns.
Using a sawdust blower for dairy farms allows the bedding to be distributed quickly and easily, saving time and effort.

Why Sawdust Blowers?

  1. Replace damp sawdust faster
  2. Keep stalls more hygienic and reduces the risk of mastitis in your dairy herds
  3. Cattle blowers for sawdust and shavings are precise, reducing cattle bedding wastage
  4. Increase dairy milk production and lower stress in cattle

Overall, using a sawdust blower for cattle bedding will help boost productivity and profitability in three ways:

  1. By saving you time
  2. By decreasing sawdust waste
  3. By increasing milk production

Cattle blower products by Mid Valley Manufacturing are specifically engineered to create and spread comfortable cow bedding faster. Your herd will thank you! (See also our page on dairy waste management.)

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