Sawdust Blowers

Newly manufactured dairy barn sawdust blowers

Increase Cow Comfort And Milk Production While Reducing Waste!

Mid Valley Manufacturing’s sawdust blower systems for cattle bedding are specifically engineered to create comfortable bedding faster for your dairy cows. Our industrial sawdust blowers will save you time and energy, and more importantly, save you money.

Sawdust makes excellent bedding for dairy cows. It is scientifically proven that the more comfortable a cow is, the more milk it will produce. Our  sawdust blowers create fresh sawdust bedding. Sawdust absorbs feces, urine, and mud. This allows dairy cattle to rest comfortably and stay clean and healthy. During winter months, clean sawdust is also crucial for warmth and insulation, particularly for newborn calves.

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The problem with sawdust is it can be cumbersome, time-consuming, and difficult to spread.
With a sawdust blower for cattle bedding, you will be able to bed your stalls faster and more frequently,
while improving the overall comfort and health of your dairy cattle herd.

Why Sawdust Blowers?

  1. Replace damp sawdust faster
  2. Keep stalls more hygienic and reduces the risk of mastitis in your dairy herds
  3. Sawdust and shavings blowers are precise, reducing cattle bedding wastage
  4. Increase dairy milk production and lower stress in cattle

Overall, using a sawdust blower for cattle bedding will help boost productivity and profitability in three ways:

  1. By saving you time
  2. By decreasing sawdust waste
  3. By increasing milk production

Sawdust blower products by Mid Valley Manufacturing are available in a 3-point hitch or skid steer mount system. Specifically engineered to create and spread comfortable cow bedding faster, your herd will thank you! (See also our page on dairy waste management.)

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