Metal Cow Stanchions for Sale

Dairy Cow Stanchions

Mid Valley’s dairy cow stanchions are perfect for managing your dairy cows for herd health, artificial insemination, or any other procedures.

From the design and installation to maintenance and servicing, our goal as dairy farm equipment suppliers is to create dairy farm equipment products that positively impact your dairy farm.

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4 Types of  Mid Valley Cow Stanchions for Sale

DSLS Cow Stanchion

Our double opening self-locking cattle stanchion has been in production for over 30 years and is built to last. Cattle locking stanchions can be sized for mature cows or for breeding age heifers. UHMW flippers are an available upgrade for quit locking.

  • 2’’ sch40 galvanized pipe top and bottom rail
  • 34” between the top and bottom rail
  • Neck sizes 6 ½’’ & 7 ½’’
  • 6 ½’’ good from 12-20 months
  • 7 ½’’ good from 15 months-mature cow
  • 5-head in a 10’ section (2’ centers)
  • External mechanical locking rail

DHSLS Cow Stanchion

Double Heifer Self Locking cattle stanchions are built for heifers from 4 months to breeding age. The DHSLS stanchions for cows are built to maximize bunk space while the Heifers are still growing. They also offer the safety of Top and Bottom openings.

  • Hot dipped galvanized rectangular tubing top bar
  • 1 ½’’ Galvanized sch40 bottom pipe
  • Counterweighted Arm to always open back up
  • 30” in between the top and bottom rail
  • Neck sizes 6 ½’’ & 5 ½’’
  • 5 ½’’ good for 4-6 months heifers
  • 6 ½’’ good for 7-15 months heifers
  • 7-head in a 10’ sections
  • 8-head in a 12’ section
  • External mechanical locking rail

CSTS Cow Stanchion

The Cow Stater Stanchion offers a great alternative to a feed rail. Built on 24’’ centers, each cow still has access to an individual spot. The CSTS stanchion for cows is designed to stop a boss cow from taking over a full section. It also keeps the cow standing straight and stops excess feed waste.

  • 2’’ Sch 40 galvanized top and bottom rail
  • 34’’ between the top and bottom rail
  • Custom sizes available

STS Cow Stanchion

Calf Starter Stanchions are perfect for when your calves come out of Calf Pens. The large top opening trains your heifers to bring their head in from the top. This will make the transition to cattle locking stanchions easy to do.

  • 1 ½’’ sch 40 galvanized top and bottom rail
  • 30” in between the top and bottom rail
  • 7-head in a 10’ sections
  • 8-head in a 12’ section
  • Custom sizes available

Mid Valley Manufacturing in Abbotsford, BC, Canada manufactures versatile cattle handling systems and barn equipment products. Our dairy barn systems are designed to minimize the labour requirements of your milking system while maintaining cow safety and control.

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Custom Dairy Farm Equipment Manufacturing

Mid Valley custom designs and manufactures all our cattle handling equipment. Custom dairy cow stalls
can effectively organize the structure of your barn, and make the most effective use of the barn space available.

Metal cow stanchions, cow stalls, and dairy crowd gates are important for the organization and control of your dairy barn.
Man-passes are also available to allow you to safely enter and exit a particular pen or dairy cow stall with ease.

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Ask us about custom stanchion design and installation of heavy duty dairy cow stanchions.

Mid Valley Manufacturing is one of North America’s leading dairy farm equipment suppliers.

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