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Custom Design & Installation Services

Mid Valley Manufacturing can custom design cow manure scraper systems to do more than just scrape manure away. The right barn scraper equipment can improve cow comfort by reducing the risk of udder contamination and hoof disease in your livestock.

Here at Mid Valley Manufacturing, we offer two quality cow manure scraper systems. Each can reliably keep your barn clean and your dairy cattle healthy. Learn more by reading the descriptions below.

Alley King Scraper System

If you need safe and versatile dairy barn alley scrapers, we recommend Alley King hydraulic manure scrapers. Designed to improve cow comfort, the Alley King system is powered by hydraulics, has a remote operating screen, and is Programmable Logic Controlled. Other unique Alley King scraper design features include:

  • Ultra High Molecular Weight, polyethylene hold-down blocks every 10 ft.
  • Fully galvanized steel tracks
  • Return line filters
  • High temp-low level switches
  • 20 gallon pump reservoirs
  • 5 HP electric motors

A standard Alley King manure scraper system can clean six alleys, but you can expand it up to as many as twelve alleys. Also, depending on your dairy barn requirements, you can set up the cow manure alley scraper for centre dump or end dump. For additional dairy cow comfort, check out our page on sawdust blowers for faster cattle bedding.

Alley King Manure Alley Scraper Benefits

  • 5 hp electric motor
  • 20 gallon pump reservoir
  • High temp-low level switch
  • Return line filter
  • Fully galvanized steel track
  • Ultra, High Molecular Weight, polyethylene hold down block every 10ft (305 cm)

The Alley King cow manure scraper system comes standard with the capability for 6 alleys, but is expandable to as many as 12 alleys. It also can be set up for end dump or centre dump, depending on your needs. Unlike cable or chain pull systems, there are no parts or pieces that can break off and dangerously litter the alley.

BeerePoot Alley Scraper System

When you need a durable cow manure scraper system built for heavy use, consider the BeerePoot Alley system. Not only can you depend on this chain manure scraper system, but it gives you the option of chain or rope/cable drive as well. Other features you can look forward to include:

  • Frost protection
  • Suitability for uneven number of alleys
  • Little-to-no maintenance requirements
  • Cow friendliness

With Beerepoot manure scraper systems, you have a number of options, including:

  • Heating elements for the control box
  • Slatted floor scraper heads

No matter the features you choose, you can expect a clean and hygienic solution to your dairy farm manure management system. See also, our page on Compost Turners.

BeerePoot Alley Scraper Benefits

The BeerePoot alley scraping system is a very dependable manure scraping system that gives you the option of rope/cable or chain drive. BeerePoot designs heavy-duty alley scrapers that are built for durability and heavy use.

  • Very cow friendly
  • Requires little to no maintenance
  • Suitable for uneven number of alleys
  • Frost protection

This alley manure scraping system features many different options such as: slatted floor scraper heads, steel cable with synthetic covers, and a heating element for the control box. This is a low-maintenance cow manure scraper system that will keep your alleys clean and hygienic, while also maintaining your cow’s safety and comfort.

See this Government of BC publication to learn more about Daily Manure Scraping Management Systems for Dairy Farms.

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If you’d like to learn more about the BeerePoot or Alley King cow manure scraper systems, or about any of our cattle handling equipment products, please give us a call. We’ll be happy to provide answers and help you decide which dairy barn scraper system best fits your dairy barn needs.

Reach us toll-free at 1.888.854.4568, send us an email, or contact us through our online contact form.

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