Dairy Barn Alley Scrapers

Close up of chain driven cow manure scraper

Dairy Barn Manure Scraper Systems

Custom Design & Installation Services

Mid Valley Manufacturing offers a full range of dairy barn equipment services and can custom design cow manure scraper systems to do more than just scrape manure away. The right barn scraper equipment can improve cow comfort by reducing the risk of udder contamination and hoof disease in your livestock.

Here at Mid Valley Manufacturing, we offer two quality dairy barn scraper systems. Each can reliably keep your barn clean and your dairy cattle healthy. Learn more by reading the descriptions below.

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Hydraulic Manure Scraper System by Alley King

The Alley King is a flexible dairy barn alley scraper system and includes:

  • 6 alley standard (expandable up to 12)
  • Option for centre dump or end dump
  • Galvanized steel track
  • 5 hp electric motor

Beerepoot Chain Barn Scraper System

This flexible, low maintenance cow manure scraper system by Beerepoot features many different options:

  • Slatted floor scraper heads
  • Steel cable with synthetic covers
  • Heating element for the control box
  • Frost protection

Contact Us for More Information About Dairy Barn Scrapers

The BC government has specific Guidelines for Manure Storage and Use. If you’d like to learn more about our dairy barn manure scraper systems for sale, or about any of our cattle handling equipment products, please give us a call. We’ll be happy to provide answers and help you decide which of the dairy barn alley scrapers best fits your dairy barn needs.

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