Cattle Handling Equipment
for Dairy Barns

Dairy Barn Cattle Handling Equipment for Sale

Mid Valley Manufacturing in Abbotsford BC has become one of North America’s leading suppliers of dairy cattle handling equipment. We specialize in cattle handling systems design and dairy cattle barn products. Like any good business, a successful dairy farm needs two things:

  1. Talented, creative manpower to help the dairy farm grow and adapt
  2. Plus low stress dairy cattle handling equipment to help improve milk production and produce what the market needs

On your dairy farm you may already have talented hands on deck. However, unless you have the right cow equipment and dairy cattle handling systems, your dairy farm may not be experiencing the success it could be.

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Custom Dairy Barn Design & Manufacturing

Come to Mid Valley Manufacturing when you need dependable cow hoof trimming chutes or dairy cow stalls. We also carry cow water troughs, cow stanchions, and dairy cow crowd gates. You’ll find a full range of dairy barn equipment services. Whether your dairy barn is in Abbotsford BC, Alberta, or the United States, we can help. We’ve even helped international dairy farm operations. Our services include custom cattle handling equipment design and manufacturing plus the repair and maintenance services necessary for your continued success.

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About Mid Valley Mfg.

For nearly four decades Mid Valley Manufacturing has served the agricultural community throughout Canada and abroad. We design, manufacture, and install custom dairy cattle handling equipment and top quality dairy barn products. Let us help your dairy farm continue to succeed.

To learn more about any of our dairy cattle handling equipment for sale and what we can do for your farm, have a look at our line of dairy barn products. We carry everything you will need including RotoKing compost turners, cattle bedding sawdust blowers, and Arctic Blast cow cooling fan systems for cow comfort.

If you have any questions about any of our dairy cattle handling equipment, please call us anytime, toll-free at 1-888-854-4568 or send us an email.

Dairy Cow Stalls

Mid Valley’s Super-Comfort Dairy Cow Stalls are custom designed to maximize the use of space in your dairy barn. We balance this efficient use of space and ensure the comfort of your cows. Studies have proven that lying down is critically important for a cow’s energy and blood circulation for the udder. Our dairy cow stall stalls are designed to allow your cows to lie down, stand up, and bob their heads all in complete comfort.

Cattle Hoof Trimming Chutes

Hoof trimming is essential for keeping your dairy cows healthy and happy. Cows with sore feet may see losses in milk production. It can even diminish breeding efficiency and decrease salvage value in the case of severe lameness. Our cattle hoof trimming chutes make hoof trimming less labour intensive. We have designed this cattle handling equipment to help make your life a little easier and the hoof trimming process more efficient.

Cattle Water Troughs

Proper water intake is essential for a dairy cow’s temperature control and milk production. Milk contains 87% water. Milking dairy cows consume 4 to 5 litres of water per litre of milk that they produce. A Mid Valley cattle water trough is fully adjustable for height, and designed specifically for dairy cows. Cows are able to completely submerge their muzzles into the cattle trough and drink without gulping air at the same time.

Cattle Feeders

The cow feeder trough is integral to the health and well-being of your dairy cows. Mid Valley cow feeder trough designs serve to eradicate pressure points caused by neck rubbing. It allows your dairy herd to feed comfortably and get the nutrition they need. We make cattle feed troughs that are tough, durable, and easy to clean and maintain. Mid Valley also offers installation and maintenance services.

Alley Scrapers & Manure Management

Mid Valley’s cow manure scraping systems are extremely versatile. They are fully customizable to fit the alley cattle handling systems in your dairy barn. These automatic barn alley scrapers are designed to maintain constant pressure levels, never giving an alley more pressure than is required. Cow comfort and safety are our top concerns. That’s why we design our manure scraper systems with fail-safes in place to eliminate the possibility of a cow getting injured.

Manure Compost Turner Machines

Mid Valley’s RotoKing compost turner machine is designed to accelerate the natural composting process. What would normally take months can be accomplished in 4 weeks with the RotoKing compost turner. Recycled dairy solids are an excellent fertilizer, and can also be used for dairy cow bedding. Our manure turner system is extremely flexible and will save you money in the long-term.

Cattle Bedding Sawdust Blowers

Now you can improve cow comfort and create more comfortable cattle bedding more often with this essential piece of cattle handling equipment. Mid Valley Manufacturing’s cost effective sawdust blower systems are specifically engineered to create comfortable cow bedding faster. Use our sawdust blowers to save you time and effort, but more importantly, save you money. Dairy cows that are more comfortable have less stress and produce more milk.

Cow Stanchions & Gates – Custom

In order to efficiently control the crowd in your dairy barn, Mid Valley Manufacturing offers a variety of custom designed cow gates and cattle stanchions. All of our dairy cow gates and stanchions are custom made to fit your requirements. They are designed to organize your dairy barn more efficiently. Mid Valley’s gate metalwork is made out of high-quality steel that is extremely durable and designed to last.

Dairy Calf Pens & Housing

We acknowledges that many dairy farm operations may require custom calving gates and calf pens for rearing calves, possibly due to certain building constraints. With our Mid Valley dairy calf housing design, you will be able to provide a comfortable and secure calf pen to properly care for the calf. You can also efficiently clean the area. These are attributes of our calf housing and dairy cattle handling equipment that always remain high on our priority list.

Arctic Blast Dairy Farm Cooling Fans

Mid Valley Manufacturing is an authorized British Columbia dealer for Arctic Blast Dairy Farm Cooling Fans. Designed to cool large open areas, Arctic Blast cow cooling fans are evaporative cooling systems. They provide an affordable means of cooling your dairy operations. Don’t let the hot summer months have a big impact on your cow comfort and milk production. Keep your cows cool and reduce heat related problems with industrial dairy farm cooling fans by Arctic Blast.

Dairy Cow Mineral Block Holders

Made from high-grade stainless steel, our Mid Valley dairy cow mineral block holders and tubs are made to last. Available in single or double block configurations, these durable cow mineral tubs can be easily installed anywhere in your dairy barn. And, because we build our dairy cow mineral block holders right here in BC, they’re always in stock.

Let Us Help You Find
the Cattle Handling Equipment You Need

Mid Valley Manufacturing custom designs and manufactures dairy cattle handling systems for cow comfort. Our manufacturing plant is in Abbotsford, BC Canada. That means we can perform quality assurance on every piece of dairy farm equipment we supply. We also perform cow confinement and dairy barn equipment installations ourselves. This allows us to take an intuitive approach to your dairy housing’s needs.

We can be reached by email or call us toll-free at 1-888-854-4568 or locally at 1-604-854-3821
whenever you need repairs and maintenance on any of our dairy cattle handling equipment products.

Here’s a link to the SPCA’s publication entitled, Animal Welfare Standards At A Glance. It includes input from scientists, veterinarians, dairy industry representatives, humane organizations, and the public. Not unlike the dairy farmer, ensuring excellent care of dairy cattle is one of our most important considerations, as noted in this Dairy Farmers of Canada article.