Dairy Cattle Barn Design & Layout Services

Custom Dairy Cattle Barn Design & Layout

At Mid Valley Manufacturing, we specialize in custom dairy cattle barn design and layout plus manufacturing and installation. We take an intuitive approach to cow barn design and calf barn design. You will have quality assurance on every piece of cattle handling equipment we create, manufacture, and install.

We believe that cow comfort is the first priority behind all of our dairy barn plans and barn manufacturing processes. This is why we offer a full range of custom cattle handling systems design and cattle handling equipment services. Our cattle handling systems are backed by over 35 years of experience as one of the agricultural industry’s leading cattle confinement manufacturers.

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Safety, Durability & Efficiency

Along with cow comfort, other top design priorities include cow safety, equipment durability, and the efficiency for your dairy operation systems. Like you, we want to make your investment last for years.

Mid Valley can help re-imagine and optimize the entire layout of your existing dairy barn or provide customized confinement and cattle handling solutions if you are building new.

The BC Ministry of Agriculture factsheet entitled, Siting and Management of Dairy Barns and Operations offers recommendations on how to avoid costly changes that may be incurred as a result of negative impacts created by noise, dust, odour, etc.

You will be amazed at how much money we can help you save simply by eliminating barn inefficiencies and improving not only the health and comfort of your cattle but also the efficiency of your dairy production.

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Partial construction of a new dairy barn

Dairy Cattle Barn Design For Cow Comfort

The focus of our Mid Valley cow barn design and cattle handling systems design is to maximize the use of space in your dairy facilities. The comfort of your cows is also a top priority. Your dairy barn plans must not only accommodate efficient cattle operations, but also minimize the chance of injury, keeping your cattle safe and reducing stress.

Through both research and experience, we know exactly what aspects of your dairy cattle barn design (and equipment) can affect your cattle’s milk production and overall health. Factors such as temperature, confinement, windbreaks, floor construction, feed bunk capacity, and even site selection could impact the profitability of your dairy farm for decades to come.

During our livestock barn design consultations for barn layout, cattle handling equipment, and construction, Mid Valley can help you consider all of these important factors. We can also provide solutions for custom cattle handling equipment and processes that will help minimize your operational costs.

We work to fix or avoid common cow barn design flaws and improve your herd’s quality of milk supply by ensuring:

  • Dairy cow stall equipment is properly sized (most frequently these are too big)
  • There’s an adequate number of cattle pens for sorting
  • Proper placement and sufficient usage of all your cattle gates
  • Efficient animal flow to and from the working facility (often this is confusing)

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