Repair & Maintenance Services

Dairy Cow Handling Equipment Repairs

Along with custom design and installations, Mid Valley Manufacturing also offers dairy cow handling equipment repair and maintenance services.

The first step in maintaining cow comfort, a happy herd, and a profitable dairy barn operation is the care and maintenance of your dairy cattle handling equipment.

Over time, regular dairy equipment maintenance and small repairs are needed to keep your dairy barn functioning at its peak. This will not only extend the lifetime of your cattle barn equipment but also improve dairy cow comfort. The Province of Ontario has published an excellent online resource that addresses Dairy Cow Comfort.

At Mid Valley Manufacturing, all of our cow confinement and cattle handling equipment designs are made from durable materials to help keep the frequency and the cost of future barn equipment repairs to a minimum. Along with professional dairy cow handling equipment repair, we also offer ongoing maintenance and servicing. We want to ensure that your dairy barn will always be operational and running smoothly. Since we are located in Abbotsford BC, we are able to service dairy farms throughout British Columbia.

With over 30 years of serving the agricultural community, Mid Valley’s in-house team for cow handling equipment repair and maintenance truly knows our cattle handling product lines best. We also understand the needs and requirements of the dairy cattle operations we work with.

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Compost Turner RepairAll Types of Cow Handling Equipment Repair

Mid Valley’s portable welding and dairy cow handling equipment repair services in BC include:

  • Calf Housing Repair
  • Dairy Cow Stall Repair
  • Cattle Trim Chute Repair
  • Cattle Gates Repair
  • Compost Turner Repair
  • Dairy Cow Stanchion Repair
  • Cattle Mineral Feeder Repair
  • and more!

Importance of Dairy Barn Equipment Maintenance

At Mid Valley, we can help with a planned approach to maintaining your dairy cow handling equipment and managing your dairy barn, which can lead to the following benefits:

  • Improving the quality of milk production
  • Establishing a comfortable clean home for your cows
  • Creating a safe workplace for farmhands
  • Ensuring the safety and health of the herd
  • Maintaining ideal temperatures for cow comfort
  • Protecting against elements such as wind and moisture
  • Maximizing dairy barn operation efficiency
  • Avoiding major costly barn equipment maintenance and repair costs

Request Equipment Repair & Maintenance Services

Typically, we suggest that scheduled dairy barn equipment maintenance take place at least once a year. Mid Valley Manufacturing offers both scheduled maintenance inspections and emergency cow handling equipment repair services to keep your dairy farm running at maximum efficiency.

Call Mid Valley Manufacturing toll free at 1-888-854-4568 to discuss our custom dairy cow handling equipment maintenance plans. If you need repairs or other dairy barn maintenance services, we can also be reached by email or by completing our online Contact Form.