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Side view of high lift cattle crowd gate by Mid Valley MfgMid Valley Manufacturing’s high lift crowd gates for cows are ideal when you are trying to gently guide your dairy cows into the milking parlour with as little effort as possible. It operates like a complete cow traffic control system, helping to improve efficiency when guiding the herd into the milking parlour.

Let us help you perfect your system to create an efficient and stress-free environment for your dairy cattle. By removing the excess space, the crowd gate clarifies for the cattle exactly where they need to go, keeping everything orderly and moving smoothly.

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Crowd Gates Dairy Options

Frontal view of high lift cattle crowd gateWhether you are renovating or building a new milking parlour, our crowd gate design can be customized to your barn’s specific needs.

Here are just a few of the many options you can expect from our crowd gates for cows.

  • Electric Over Hydraulic Drive
    • 1HP electric motor turns the hydraulic pump for forward, reverse direction, and lifting of the gate.
  • Vertical/High Lift Gate
    • The vertical lift on the crowd gate allows you to bring in your 2nd group of cows into the holding area without pushing the 2nd group back when lifting the gate.
    • The high lift allows you to drive most skid steers underneath the gate when lifted.
  • Radio Remote Controlled
    • The high lift crowd gate is controlled by 2 wireless remote controls, allowing the milker and the herdsman control over the gate while milking or bringing in the next group of dairy cows.
  • Heavy Duty Construction
    • The high lift gate is built out of rectangular tubing and is fully hot dipped galvanized.

Milking Parlour Crowd Gate Benefits

Full view of high lift cattle crowd gate by Mid Valley MfgCrowd gates for cows should never be used to force them into the parlour. Like you, we want your cows to have a positive experience by eliminating distractions and keeping the cows moving forward at a controlled comfortable pace. Your crowd gate is there only to encourage the dairy cows so that they move into the milking parlour willingly.

We don’t just design crowd gates for cows. Made from high-grade galvanized steel, they are also designed to remove pinch points and distractions, minimize corners, and minimize your workload.

Here are just a few of the many benefits you can expect from our crowd gates.

  • Easy to install
  • Cow stress is reduced helping to keep the herd calm
  • Process is simplified and streamlined for quick and safe parlour entry
  • Less cow stress means higher milk yields with less effort
  • Less stress on your dairy barn staff
  • Dairy cow control gates can be customized to your farm’s needs
  • Gates are designed for maximum performance and require minimal maintenance

About Mid Valley Manufacturing

Close up of high lift cattle crowd gate hydraulics

Located in Abbotsford, British Columbia Canada, Mid Valley Manufacturing is a leading dairy farm equipment supplier. We’ve worked with dairy farms across Canada, the United States, and internationally.

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