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Industrial Dairy Farm Cooling Fans
Arctic Blast Cooling Fan Systems

Improve the comfort of your dairy cows during the hot summer months with Arctic Blast fans, ideal dairy farm cooling fans.

“Our milk production has been unaffected by the summer heat.”

Most likely, the profitability of your dairy farm will tend to decrease as spring and summer temperatures begin to increase. In fact, by their very nature, dairy cows will add to heat production, thereby affecting cow comfort. It can have a direct negative effect on milk production.

This can be prevented, however, simply by maintaining the comfort of your dairy cows during the hot summer months with an Arctic Blast cooling fan system. Arctic Blast fans are highly effective.

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Arctic Blast Fan Cooling System

Mid Valley Manufacturing’s Arctic Blast fans are ideal dairy cooling fans. The cow fan cooling system works especially well in the confines of a milking parlour or cow holding area. This is where the heat generated from a herd can quickly overheat the area and cause heat stress.

Arctic Blast fans feature a cooling evaporative nature by using ultra-fine water particles that absorb heat and carry it away. These dairy farm cooling fans cool the barn quickly, improving dairy cow comfort without making things “feel wet.”

Arctic Blast dairy cattle cooling fans can also be portable or fix mounted on dairy barn walls or rafters.

Why Arctic Blast Cooling Fans?

  • Prevents discomfort and heat stress
  • Dairy farm cooling fans keep cows in top health and ensure dairy cow comfort in even the most extreme climate conditions
  • Increases milk quality and production
  • Improves your dairy farm’s profitability

To learn more about how to keep cows comfortable and healthy with cattle cooling fans, read this Cornell University paper entitled, Key Considerations in Fan Cooling.

Close up of an Arctic Blast cow cooling fan installed

Mid Valley – Your Authorized Arctic Blast Fan Dealer!

Mid Valley Manufacturing is an authorized dealer for Arctic Blast cow cooling systems in British Columbia, Canada.

These high-velocity Arctic Blast cooling fans and water atomizers are designed for industrial applications like large cattle and dairy barns. Choose from a variety of mounting options to best suit the design and layout of your milking parlour, including:

  • Wall mount dairy farm cooling fans
  • Column Mount Arctic Blast fans
  • Ceiling Mount dairy fans
  • Yoke Mount dairy fans
  • Or Pedestal Mount dairy fans

Depending on the cow cooling fan size (22”, 26” or 30”), these dairy barn cooling systems can cool anywhere from 5,000 up to 10,000 square feet of dairy barn!

At Mid Valley Manufacturing, we also offer dairy barn designmanufacturing and installation services for every type of cattle handling equipment you might need to ensure your dairy cow comfort. We’ll make sure that you get the right Arctic Blast fan cooling system for your needs and have them installed for optimum cooling!

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