Cattle Feeders

Close up of dairy cattle with heads through cattle feeders and eating hay

Custom Cattle Feeders for Sale

Mid Valley Manufacturing’s cattle feeders for sale are backed by over 30 years perfecting our custom design and manufacturing processes.

We understand that maintaining proper nutrition and water intake is crucial for your dairy herd’s milk production. It’s also essential for the profitability of your dairy business.

Like our cow stanchions, our cattle feeders for sale are designed specifically for dairy cows and help to eliminate several pressure points (such as neck rubbing) that may limit cattle feed intake.

From the design and installation to maintenance and servicing, our goal as dairy farm equipment suppliers is to create products that positively impact your dairy cow milk production. We want to ensure that any investment you make in your dairy barn will pay for itself.

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Benefits Of Custom Cattle Feeders

Manufactured from high quality, durable, galvanized (or stainless) steel, Mid Valley’s dairy cattle feeders for sale are easy to clean and maintain. The adjustable height and tip proof design makes these cow feed troughs ultra-convenient.

Here are some additional benefits of our unique cattle feeder design:

  • Improves cow accessibility
  • Reduces food waste as dairy cattle have access to feed at all times
  • Increases cow feed intake
  • Adjustable height helps minimize pressure and make it more comfortable for cows to eat
  • Optimal width of feeder trough keeps food within reach

This web page by some excellent information about Feed Requirements for Dairy Cows.

Dairy cattle eating hay through barn cattle feeders

Cattle Feeder Equipment From Start To Finish

Mid Valley is a complete, end-to-end dairy farm equipment supplier. We carry a full line of cattle confinement and cattle handling equipment systems, plus we offer dairy barn manufacturing services. We not only offer dairy cattle feeders for sale, but we also take care of each step in the process including:

Dairy barn cattle feeders
  • Cow feeder design
  • Manufacturing
  • Installation
  • Repairs and maintenance

There’s no need to work with anyone else in the process of building your new dairy barn or renovating your current cattle barn structures. Mid Valley Manufacturing does it all, including designing and manufacturing cow manure scraper systems.

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