Cattle Confinement Products Manufacturing Services

As a custom cattle confinement manufacturer, Mid Valley maintains complete control over our process, from design and manufacturing to installation, and repair and maintenance.

Our manufacturing process is backed by over 30 years of experience. All of our cattle confinement products, from calf housing and stanchions to feeding troughs and cattle trim chutes, are precision manufactured for lasting durability and strength.

Safe and versatile, all of our cattle confinement equipment is custom designed for your dairy barn (no matter how big or small) before being manufactured and installed by Mid Valley Manufacturing.

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Mid Valley Manufacturing Areas of Expertise

Calf Housing Manufacturing
Featuring polyurethane or aluminum walls, we offer EZ Clean Calf Pens, EZ Clean II Calf Pens, and EZ Tilt Calf Pens. Additional calf housing equipment manufacturing includes compost turners, feeders, stall dividers, scrapers, and gates.

Dairy Cow Stall Manufacturing
Our manufacturing process ensures these super-comfortable cattle stalls are durable and strong, and built to withstand your herd constantly leaning and bumping against them. They feature 2-inch galvanized pipe construction (120 wall), with a high neck rail available.

Cattle Trim Chute Manufacturing
Specifically designed to make the hoof trimming process easier, our fully hydraulic stationary calf trimming units feature 1 HP hydraulic pump and double sector valve. Mount anywhere with a 115 volt power supply.

Cattle Water Trough Manufacturing
Featuring durable double galvanized or stainless steel, tip-proof design (with adjustable height), and a gravity flow and high pressure line.

Compost Turner Manufacturing
The 20 foot concrete channel, bristled drum with mixing paddles, and 25 horsepower electric motor can take months off the time required for regular compost rotation.

Cattle Gate Manufacturing
Gently move your dairy cattle and maximize cow flow throughout your barn with cow gates made of 1.5 inch galvanized pipes. Manufacturing options include 4 or 5 bar construction with the option for man-passes. All latch and hinges included.

Dairy Cow Stanchion Manufacturing
There is no need to cause any harm or discomfort when you need to immobilize your cattle, thanks to the double swing 2-inch schedule, 40 top and bottom rails. We custom manufacture cattle stanchions to fit your barn and maximize your space.

Cattle Mineral Box Manufacturing
Single and double block mineral box configurations are available, manufactured from stainless steel material to prevent corrosion by minerals and salts. Mineral boxes are pre-manufactured and available for pick up at our facility or for install by our technicians.

Cattle Scraper Manufacturing
Decrease your risk of udder contamination and hoof disease with our Alley King cattle scraper. These cattle scrapers are powered by hydraulics with remote operating system, and feature fully galvanized steel tracks, return line filters, 20-gallon pump reservoirs, and 5 HP electric motors. The BeerePoot Alley Scraper is another great Mid Valley Manufacturing option suggested for heavy use, frost protection, and low maintenance.

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At Mid Valley, we are set up to handle both large and short runs of cattle confinement products, depending on the size of your barn, and we offer quick turnaround in our manufacturing process.

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