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Talk to us about EZ clean calf pens and dairy calf housing. We custom design, manufacture, and install calf rearing pens and housing systems.

As dairy barn equipment suppliers, Mid Valley Manufacturing in Abbotsford, British Columbia Canada, began serving the agricultural community over 30 years ago. One of the many custom made cattle handling equipment products we offer is group housing. When it comes to pens and calf rearing, we do it all. Let us design, manufacture, and install your dairy barn equipment according to your needs and specifications.

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Calf Group Pen Design Benefits

  • Step-through gates
  • Easy cleaning
  • Polyurethane interior walls
  • Extremely durable

Below Are Graphics for Available Mid Valley Calf Pen Options:

  • EZ Clean Calf Pen System: Two pens are built as one compartment, making it easy to clean the two pens with a bobcat or tractor.
  • EZ Tilt Calf Pen System: The front fence section lifts up and the middle wall can be tipped over to the side for easy cleaning.

For additional information on calf rearing pens and housing, check out this very informative article by Washington State  University entitled, Dairy Calf Housing and Environment.

  • EZ Clean II Calf Pen Systems: Each Calf Pen Side Panel slides out exposing the entire calf pen line for easy drive through cleaning.

EZ Calf Housing Designs

The first step in building new calf pens involves creating a great design. We work with our clients and contractors to design new dairy calf housing facilities that fit your dairy farm. Each calf pen features a step-through gate for easy access, and polyurethane or aluminum walls. Mid Valley dairy calf rearing pens can rear calves up to 10 weeks old. We offer three types of calf housing:

  1. EZ Clean Calf Pens—We build two pens as one compartment. This makes cleaning each unit easy with a tractor or bobcat.
  2. EZ Clean II Calf Pens—The EZ Clean II Calf Pen also has two pens in one compartment but this calf pen features a sliding side panel that exposes the entire calf pen, making cleaning even easier.
  3. EZ Tilt Calf Pens—The front fence region of the EZ Tilt lifts up and exposes the middle wall. This calf pen can also be laid on its side for cleaning.

Mid Valley Manufacturing also does custom fabrication of smaller items such as cattle mineral boxes, cattle feeders and cow water troughs.

Cattle Handling Equipment Suppliers

After we confirm the dairy calf housing design and layout, we manufacture most of the dairy cattle handling equipment ourselves at our Mid Valley Manufacturing plant. Other cow confinement and dairy cattle handling equipment products we manufacture include:

  • Compost turners
  • Feeders
  • Cattle Gates
  • Manure scraper systems
  • Stall dividers

Mid Valley also provides portable welding and cattle handling equipment repair and maintenance services for clients.

Dairy Calf Housing Installation Services

Mid Valley works on-site to personally oversee the installation of each dairy calf pen. Every calf housing system goes through our inspection no matter the size or complexity of the project.

Inquire about our dairy barn equipment and cattle confinement products, including watering, feeding, and cleaning equipment.

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