Biosolid Treatment Facility Ladysmith BC


Project Scope

In January 2017, Vancouver Island’s Ladysmith mayor Aaron Stone was actively looking to find a way to stop the smell of human feces coming from the local biosolid waste treatment site. The stench had become known as the “Ladysmith Linger” and the city was concerned they might have to find a new location for the treatment facility.

Earlier, in 2016, Ladysmith had introduced a secondary sewage treatment facility, which effectively doubled the bio-solids being transported to their public works yard to be composted. Annually, as much as 2,500 tonnes of biosolids (human waste) were being stored outside. The piles of foul sewage sludge were creating a major ongoing odor problem for local residents.

Mid Valley Manufacturing was asked to help create a state-of-the-art world-class biosolid treatment facility that would not only speed up the composting process, but also eliminate the putrid stench and help the city avoid having to move the facility.

Installation of RotoKing Compost Turner

In dairy farming, RotoKing compost turning equipment is used for dairy cow waste management. RotoKing compost turners offer a highly efficient composting system for quickly converting dairy waste into usable compost material.

The plans for the biosolid waste treatment facility in Ladysmith involved the installation of the RotoKing Model #2050.

This high efficiency compost turner was installed in an airtight facility. The RotoKing compost turner blends the biosolids with wood chips, which are then aerated from underneath using a series of pipes. The composting is mixed at temperatures hot enough to kill off all pathogens. The process turns the sewage sludge into high quality topsoil and any resulting odors are passed through a ventilation and air conditioning HVAC system, which is vented out through a bio filter.


  • The composting process is now a lot faster thanks to the RotoKing compost turner
  • The composting is done in an airtight facility
  • The foul smell has been eliminated
  • Ladysmith won’t have to move the biosolid waste treatment facility to a new site
  • Ladysmith is now producing high quality topsoil that can be utilized throughout the city

This world-class biosolid treatment facility has virtually eliminated the smell of human feces coming from the Ladysmith biosolid waste site. The town of Ladysmith is now breathing a lot easier.

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