Mineral Box for Cattle

Galvanized dairy barn mineral box by Mid Valley Mfg

Custom Stainless Steel Mineral Box for Cattle

Ask our Mid Valley cattle handling equipment experts for a custom designed stainless steel mineral box for cattle to hold mineral blocks and salt blocks.

Our 2 block, 3 block, and bi-carb mineral box designs can withstand tough and demanding environments. They can also hold up against the corrosive nature of mineral blocks and salt blocks. And, like our dairy cow feeders, we also make cattle mineral boxes that are adaptable to a wide variety of dairy farm installation requirements.

Customer Input

Input from our customers revealed that they had difficulty finding the correct spot to place or hold cattle mineral blocks and salt blocks. Some were simply placed in the feed alley and pushed up with every feeding, while others were left in corners in the hope that the cattle would somehow find them. In some cases, the cattle mineral blocks were not put out at all.

Our dairy farm customers wanted a better solution and we suspect that maybe you do too.

Customizing A Mineral Box for Cattle

Our heavy duty mineral boxes were designed by Mid Valley in response to requests for custom fabrication solutions. Although a specialty design is always an option, Mid Valley Manufacturing has developed a standard for mineral boxes that will fit most situations.

We took the main components from all previous custom installations and designed a standard mineral box for cattle to accommodate 3 cost-effective solutions.

Our welded, heavy-duty, stainless steel constructed cattle mineral boxes can easily be mounted in several ways:

  • On a 2 inch rail
  • Simply bolted to the wall
  • Or bolted on top of a low wall for easy access, and to aid the effective presentation of the mineral salt blocks to cattle

To learn more about how mineral management program can improve the health of the herd, check out this podcast by alltech.com entitled, Less Is More with Organic Trace Minerals.

Contact Our Design Experts

Consider a custom made mineral box for dairy cattle if you need find a way to make your mineral blocks and salt blocks more accessible for your livestock. Our unique design will make it easy for you dairy cows to find and access the mineral box for cattle. To find out more, get in touch with our dairy equipment design experts by email or fill out our online contact form.

Or, give our cattle handling equipment experts a call toll free at 1-888-854-4568 (or locally at 1-604-854-3821) to order a standard mineral box for cattle.