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Cattle hoof trimming using a cattle trim chute is essential for keeping your dairy cows healthy and happy. If your dairy cow develops sore feet or becomes severely lame it can affect the cow’s milk production and breeding prospects, as well as the salvage value of your investment.

A well designed trim chute can make hoof trimming less labour intensive. Mid Valley Manufacturing offers custom design services to create cattle hoof trim chutes that will make your life a little easier, and the hoof trimming process safer and more efficient.

Trim Chute Features

  • This is a stationary cattle trim chute complete with full hydraulics
  • 1 HP hydraulic pump
  • Double selector valve

Mid Valley Manufacturing’s cattle hoof trimming products can be mounted anywhere with a 115-volt power supply. The design of our rugged trim chute helps keep cows stationary, preventing injuries to the operator by securely fastening the cow’s leg during hoof trimming. This YouTube video by the Zinpro Corporation offers a great Step by Step Guide to Dairy Hoof Trimming to Prevent Lameness.

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