Water Feed Troughs

Cattle Water Trough & Feeder Design
Manufacturing & Installation

Just like humans, dairy cattle need the proper nutrition to function. When milk is your main product line, you’ll want to find the best ways to keep your dairy operation at full milk production, which means enhancing your cows’ nutrition.

Dairy cattle nutrition comes from the food and water supply you provide, and how you give that water supply to your livestock can have a direct affect on milk production as well.

Mid Valley Manufacturing Inc. provides durable and flexible dairy cattle water trough options to ensure optimal watering. Don’t rely on just any cow trough—instead, choose Mid Valley water troughs that are specially designed for dairy cows.

Water Trough Design

Although it seems like a simple piece of the feeding process, your cattle water trough can make or break milk production. Dairy cows need to consume 3 litres of water for every litre of milk they produce. Mid Valley Manufacturing’s steel manufactured cattle trough designs feature:

  • Durable steel manufacturing (galvanized or stainless)
  • Tip-proof water trough design
  • Adjustable trough height
  • Gravity flow and high pressure line

With these water trough design features you can ensure optimal watering. Our deep water troughs for cattle allow cows to submerge their muzzles, preventing them from drinking air with their water. Since milk contains 87% water, easy cow drinking is vital to improved milk production.

Dairy Equipment Experience

Mid Valley Manufacturing is a company that considers many different factors when designing our cattle handling and dairy cow feeding equipment. For instance, dairy cows prefer to eat and then drink, so we build cattle water troughs that are easy to access and fit next to the cattle feeders.

Details like this make all the difference when you need an efficient cow feeder design that will improve the dairy production of your farm.

For over 30 years, Mid Valley Manufacturing has supplied reliable, custom designed cattle confinement and handling equipment, plus other dairy farm equipment products to dairy farmers throughout Canada, the USA, Europe, and other international dairy farm operations.

With this vast experience, we’ve gained valuable industry knowledge. We believe that the more we know about your daily dairy farm operations, the better we are able to provide the right cattle handling equipment for your needs, especially if you need custom designed cattle water troughs and dairy cow feeding equipment.

Choose Mid Valley Manufacturing when you need cow feeders, cattle water troughs, or custom designed confinement and cattle handling equipment. To learn more, please call us today toll free at 1-888-854-4568, send us an email, or fill out our online contact form.