Compost Turners

RotoKing Compost Turner Equipment
for Dairy Farms

Whether you operate a Canadian dairy farm, a cattle ranch in the USA, or dairy operations in Europe, there will always be plenty of raw manure to spare. Without proper dairy cow waste management, this waste can get in the way.

The best alternative to manage dairy waste involves converting it into something useful through composting.

Why not use your dairy solids to your advantage? Mid Valley Manufacturing in Abbotsford, BC Canada provides an industrial grade RotoKing compost turner for dairy waste management. We service dairy farms throughout Canada, the USA and internationally.

Over recent years, dairy waste composting has increased in popularity. Instead of letting dairy waste build up, invest in a RotoKing compost turner and put your manure and composted materials to good use.

The Dairy Waste Composting Process

Regular compost rotation can take months. With the RotoKing compost turner, we offer a machine alternative that composts dairy waste within a four-week period. The compost turner equipment consists of several parts to complete the mixing and sterilization process:

  • 20 foot concrete channel
  • Bristled drum with mixing paddles
  • Encompassing canopy
  • 25 horsepower electric motor
  • User-friendly touchscreen panel

RotoKing Compost Turner User Controls

The controls on the RotoKing dairy waste management system allow for bridge travel, drum control, and overall system controls. While easy to use and operate, this panel allows for great flexibility and versatility. Options include:

  • 4 programmable start times within 24 hours
  • Basic mix cycle
  • Batch process for extra dense material

Possible Compost Uses

A basic mix cycle uses the high volume blower to deliver air that dries the dairy waste faster. This is one of the main ways to accelerate composting dairy solids. Once the RotoKing compost turner completes the process, you now have well-mixed and dried compost. This makes the material perfect for:

  • Affordable animal bedding
  • Spreadable field or yard fertilizer
  • Composting agent
  • Sellable compost product

In Canada, as in many countries, you can only sell animal waste if it’s processed properly. Our RotoKing compost turner allows you to remove all pathogens from the dairy waste material. With the RotoKing compost turner, your dairy farm can prosper by saving time and money and turning dairy waste into other reusable products, including animal bedding. Isn’t it time to add a RotoKing compost turner to your dairy handling equipment?

See also our page on sawdust blower systems for animal bedding.

Contact Our Dairy Handling Equipment Experts

For more information about dairy waste management systems or to order our RotoKing compost turner, please call our dairy handling equipment experts at Mid Valley Manufacturing toll-free at 1-888-854-4568, or send us an email.