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Netherlands – Custom Cattle Handling System Design

In 2008, Sam (owner of Mid Valley Manufacturing) received a call from Wytse Bouma of Kaigen BV, a company in the Netherlands.

Wytse Bouma was requesting help to co-design a new cattle confinement barn for Bert Jan Kloosterman of Kloosterman Farms in the Netherlands.

Scope of the Project

Mr. Kloosterman was in the process of merging his and his brother’s farms, and needed a cattle confinement facility for a 400 milk cow operation – an increase from the current 120 milk cow barn and parlour.

Custom Cow Barn Design

During the collaborative design process and a couple of visits to Canada by Bert Jan and Wytse, the agreement on the new barn design plans grew and the decision to move forward was taken.

The plans for the cattle confinement barn included a T shaped site design and barn setup for placing the circular parlour. This ensured smooth cattle movement to and from the feeding area (and stalls) to the parlour and other pens. The circular parlour sits in the middle as the leg of the T shaped facility.

Connected directly behind the parlour is the special needs barn containing the pens to house sick cows, and fresh cows, etc. In a separate barn, running parallel, and connected to the special needs barn in the middle by a covered walkway is the feeding alley and resting stalls for the main milk herd.

Professional Installation Services

Mid Valley Manufacturing supplied the cow stanchions, cattle gates, and manure scrapers for both barns according to the approved cow barn design.

We sent a highly experienced team to provide installation services for the cow stanchions, gates, and manure scraper systems. Excellently built cattle gates and their proper placement ensured both safe arrangement of the cows, and efficient movement of the human operators.

Kloosterman’s cows in the Netherlands are as good at creating manure as the cows here in the Fraser Valley, and our manure scraper equipment reliably moves the manure to the pit. Scraper and alley timing is all coordinated via the control panel.


Bert Jan Kloosterman now has a custom cattle confinement barn designed to meet the demands of his business and produce high quality milk in a challenging economic environment. Mr. Kloosterman is very pleased with the equipment provided and greatly appreciates the design advice given.

To find our more about Mid Valley Manufacturing’s custom cattle confinement barn design and installation services please contact us online or call us toll free at 1-888-854-4568.