Dairy Barn Installation Services

Cattle Handling Equipment Installation

Dairy Barn Installation Services

Dairy barn installation is a key component of Mid Valley’s dairy barn manufacturing services and cattle handling equipment products.

With over 30 years of dairy barn equipment installation experience, Mid Valley’s highly trained, in-house dairy barn installation team knows our cattle handling products best. Our goal is to install your new cow comfort barn and cattle handling equipment as quickly as possible in order to minimize downtime in your dairy barn.

Our installation team travels all over British Columbia and Canada (as well as overseas) to provide personalized dairy barn installation services and to ensure the dairy handling equipment you order is set up properly.

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Minimizing Down Time

When it comes to custom confinement and cattle handling equipment, our top priority is minimizing down time in your dairy barn without compromising on quality workmanship and precision.

On installation day, all of the components for your new cattle barn setup will arrive on site. Our team works quickly to ensure that the barn is properly prepped for installation or refit.

Once we unload the dairy barn equipment from our trucks, we use our equipment design plans to begin the dairy barn installation process. We take proper measurements to ensure accuracy of the setup and perform all necessary reinforcements (such as welding) to ensure your new dairy barn equipment will function for years to come.

Custom Dairy Barn Manufacturing

Mid Valley Mfg installs all of its custom designed and manufactured cattle handling equipment, including:

  • Calf housing
  • Dairy cow stalls
  • Cattle trim chutes
  • Cattle water troughs
  • Cattle feeders
  • Compost turners
  • Dairy crowd gates
  • Dairy cow stanchions
  • Cattle mineral boxes

Ask Us for a Dairy Barn Installation Quote

Call Mid Valley Manufacturing toll free at 1-888-854-4568 to discuss the installation of your new cattle barn system, which we can custom design and manufacture for your dairy barn. You can also send us an email or complete our online Contact Form.